DeRungs Limousin

Ramona, SD

DeRungs Limousin 2018 Production Sale

Monday, March 5th at Madison Livestock Sales 12 Noon.

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2018 Offering

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Lot 1

MR JDJL Dauminator

Tag: 470E

Sire: SYES Best Buy


MS JDJL Kings Justice

Purebred BD: 2/8/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 89 WW: 702 

YW: 1165

Lot 3


Tag: 501E

Sire: LFLC Bob the Builder

Dam: Bar JZ Rapunzel 224X

Purebred BD: 3/6/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 94 WW: 706 YW: 1256

Lot 5

JDJL El Dorado

Tag: 465E

Sire: SAV Resource

Dam: ROMN 

Xplain This 25X

50% Lim-Flex 

BD: 2/4/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 93 WW: 835 

YW: 1462

Lot 7


Tag: 530E

Sire: Eathington Sub-Zero

Dam: JDJL 98Z

50% Lim-Flex BD: 4/3/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 87 WW: 714 YW: 1316

Lot 9

JDJL Expectation

Tag: 467E

Sire: SYES Backstage

Dam: Lady JDJL 192A

75% BD: 2/7/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 81 WW: 653 YW: 1205

Lot 11

JDJL Exception

Tag: 450E

Sire: SYES Backstage

Dam: Lady JDJL May Day 185A

75% BD: 2/1/17

Dbl Polled/Black

BW: 91 WW: 643 

YW: 1210

Lot 13

JDJL Explosion

Tag: 519E

Sire: Wulfs X-File

Dam: Morse 290

50% Lim-Flex BD: 3/21/17

Homo Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 103 WW: 840 YW: 1400

Lot 2

MR JDJL Double Down

Tag: 459E

Sire: SYES Best Buy

Dam: Miss JDJL Double Deuce 22X

Purebred BD: 2/4/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 85 WW: 713 YW: 1218

Lot 4

JDJL Equator

Tag: 454E

Sire: TMCK Alfalfa

Dam: JDJL 2B

50% Lim-Flex BD: 2/3/17

Dbl Polled/Dlb Black

BW: 83 WW: 819 

YW: 1441

Lot 6

JDJL Extreme

Tag: 463E

Sire: SYES Best Buy

Dam: Bunker Bando 4038B

50% Lim-Flex BD: 2/4/17

Homo Pld/Dbl Black

BW: 90 WW: 707 YW: 1232

Lot 8

JDJL Elevation

Tag: 455E

Sire: AHCC Westwind

Dam: Lady JDJL 170A

75%  BD: 2/4/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 84 WW: 676 

YW: 1210

Lot 10

JDJL Easy Money

Tag: 481E

Sire: AHCC Westwind

Dam: Lady JDJL Dark Dozen 75Z

Purebred BD: 2/19/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 84 WW: 633 YW: 1158

Lot 12

JDJL Extender

Tag: 495E

Sire: LFLC Bob the Builder

Dam: Lady JDJL 94Z

Purebred BD: 2/26/17

Dbl Polled/Dbl Black

BW: 91 WW: 764 YW: 1324

Lot 14

JDJL Equalizer

Tag: 456E

Sire: Wulfs Excellsior

Dam: Lady JDJL 261C

Purebred BD: 2/4/17

Dbl Polled/Red

BW: 89 WW: 756 

YW: 1317